Monitoring & Account Management

Realtime Consumption Management

How much does it cost to cool your business premises? How much is it costing your business to keep the lights after hours. How much would you business save by rethinking your setup procedures?

Energy invoices tell the energy user very little about how their business consumes energy. Detailed meter reporting helps to fill the blanks left by retail energy bills, but the data and reporting is not real time and cannot provide a clear picture of circuit based energy data.

Our Solutions

Our goal is to empower you to improve your profit margins profitability by minimising electricity and other utility costs.

Not only will we help you cut costs, by implementing our solutions, you will also reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Understanding utility usage enables you to identify areas of unnecessary and high consumption so specific areas of your business can be pinpointed as cost reduction opportunities.

Businesses that lack convenient and easy real time access to electricity, water and gas consumption data cannot act promptly to reduce cost associated with unnecessary, inefficient and wasteful consumption.

We offer a range of reputable quality energy monitoring and verification solutions suited to commercial and industrial applications to help you monitor and manage electricity, gas and water usage in real time. Products range from simple low cost devices that monitor individual appliances to comprehensive energy management systems capable of remote circuit through monitoring, reporting and analysis.

User-friendly on-site, PC, web and mobile device interfaces grant simple access to electricity, gas and water consumption data anywhere anytime.

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