Energy Efficiency

Lighting upgrades

Old fashioned lighting appliances are inefficient and cost a lot of money to run. Leading Edge Energy offers comprehensive advice on the different types of lighting solutions including Halogen, LED and compact fluorescent lamps which will save you money from day one.

Depending on the nature of your business, lighting costs account for an average of 20% of an energy bill and switching to energy-efficient lighting will reduce your lighting costs by up to 90%.

We will assess your business lighting needs and recommend the right type of bulbs which will give the biggest cost benefit over time in terms of consumption as well as lifespan.

We will identify how many hours a particular bulb will be on for and find the most cost-effective solution in terms of replacement costs against energy use.

We also take into account factors such as ambient lighting and lighting which may be required for specific tasks and dimmable bulbs. This means that we can recommend different types of bulbs which give off brighter or dimmer light so you can make big savings on your energy bill. We also recommend dimmer switches which allow you to adjust the brightness of light according to your needs.

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